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This is an Ultimate guide to building your own Raspberry Pi retro console, and before going straight into it, let me explain the need for this cosnole. Like vinyl records, The Crystal Maze and seaside holidays, retro gaming is in the middle of a resurgence. There are reimagined machines based on both the ZX Spectrum and…Continue Reading “Build your own ULTIMATE Raspberry Pi RETRO gaming console”

OPINION: I was perhaps unreasonably excited to see Dunkirk (Well, actually I had a solid reason if I think again), Christopher Nolan’s new movie about the evacuation of British forces from a French beach during World War II. The historical event on which it is based is astonishing: unable to get enough warships close to the beach to…Continue Reading “Dunkirk: When Christopher Nolan Transcended his own SELF!”

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My “LOVE for the Planet of the Apes” (No pun intended, LoL) is very new,  when I heard in an interview where Matt Reeves himself told that how much of similarities are there between Ceaser & Bruce Wayne, that both are almost same, and how there lies a conflict in both of them in the…Continue Reading “War for the Planet of the Apes: One of the best character driven films this decade!”


If there has ever been a modern Batman story more influential than Frank Miller’s 1986 masterpiece, The Dark Knight Returns, it was Frank Miller’s 1987 masterpiece, Batman: Year One. It’s remarkable that the same writer scripted two such extraordinary stories a year apart, but truly incredible that the two stories approach the character so differently and accomplish such…Continue Reading “Batman: Year One Review”