Picostone Basic Home Automation Device Review

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Control your home from your Pocket!

It might have happened with you that you are going for a family vacation for a few days and you suddenly realized that one of your electrical appliances was left switched on by mistake.  Or you reach home tired from a very long hot day, & had to manually switch on the A.C. and trust me it’s a whole frustration in itself. Or you are a businessman who needs the billboard hoarding of his/her office to switched on from dusk to dawn every day and don’t always remember doing so, hence you resulted up hiring a maintenance boy for that work.

Now, what if I tell you, that there is a smart & efficient way to automate your home, office & shop right from your pocket. Yes, your very mobile phone can now control the house you live in or the office you work in.You Just need a small yet smart device and your iOS or Android Smartphone for the automation of your living or workplace

Picostone Basic & Picostone Polar are the two types of devices that can automate your home from anywhere at any time with the help of a minimalistic mobile application on your smartphone.

People at Picostone were kind to provide me with Picostone Basic and used it for almost a week, so from here on I’ll be discussing it. As the name suggests it’s a basic and an entry line device from Picostone designed to support basic home appliances of the likes of Fans, Tube Lights, Lamps, Bulbs, LEDs, etc.

Now before diving deep into the product I just want to spread the word that Picostone Pvt Ltd is an India-based home automation company and so are the devices the company deals with. In today’s market of Home Automation devices which is flooded with overseas players from the likes of Google and Amazon to the young nurturing startups, it’s good to see a domestic company not only being in the same space but also doing well in the market.

So yeah, the Picostone Basic is not only a smart Automation device but also an equally elegant minimalistic device boasting a decent build quality.


As you can see the company pays equal attention towards the packaging of the box inside the device is contained. Apart from the main device, it comes up with the Switch/Device Interface port and a couple of Wires (Live & neutral to be precise) and the instruction Manual along with the warranty card.

Setting up the device is also quite easy. It needs to be embedded in an electrical switchboard (Inside or Outside). It hardly takes somewhere between 5-10 minutes for the electrician to complete the setup of the device.  You can also do the setup provided you know the basics of the wiring, although I would recommend you going for a professional to ensure the setup not only complete but also being safe to use.

After the setup is complete, all you need to do is go to the App store from your iPhone or iPad or the Play Store from your Android smartphone and download the official Picostone app to your device. One thing to remember is that the Picostone Basic device can connect to a maximum of 4 devices from a single switchboard only. I connected a ceiling fan, a Tube Light and a couple of wall Lamps with it in my Living Room.

Look After the Installation [Depends on how you want it to look :)]

No. of rooms the Device is connected to


Scheduling feature (My most preferred feature)


Now follow the easy steps mentioned in the Instruction Manual provided inside the box, and configure the device with your Home Network accordingly, and voila it’s done. You get a clean minimalist user interface in the app and as expected the app is user-friendly and has fewer things to worry about.

The device actually is itself a wifi hotspot device which gets paired with the home network seamlessly and you can control without switching the network. This was the main concern I had before I had installed the device.

So in a nutshell, with each device you install in your home, you get an interface of that particular room in the app, which contains the list of all the switches along with their settings panel respectively.

For the convenience, the Room along with the switches are fully customizable as per the user’s needs. It enables you to change the name of the room as well as the switches accordingly.

Control Panel of One Device (Connects up to 4 devices)


Another cool feature is that you can have full control over the speed of the fan as well as the intensity of the lights as well. And if this wasn’t enough, you also get the Scheduling feature also which allows you to schedule the switching on and off the device, by entering the time as per your needs along with the device function as desired.

The schedule feature, in my opinion, is a very useful feature and will be comforting for the majority of the users as well. Suppose you need to the lights to be switched off every day at 12:00 and on the other hand the lamps to be lit simultaneously. There are many other scenarios in which the scheduling feature can really be a helping hand none the less.

Below is the complete Technical Specifications of the Picostone Basic:

  • Input Voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Output Voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 1W
  • Input Voltage for Switches: 230V/50Hz
  • Dimensions: 87mm X 57mm X 22mm

And so are the Complete features you get with the Purchase of the device:

  1. You can add users and decide which user will have access to which device.
  2. The product doesn’t need rewiring in your home. It just needs upgradations in your existing wiring.
  3. You can also schedule the devices! Yes, you can schedule which device to turn on or off when.
  4. Along with AC temperature, fan speed, you can also set lighting of your house in different moods. For example: setting up a romantic mode makes all the lights dimmer.
  5. Along with speed, temperature, and brightness of lights, you can also manage the volume of your TV or music player.
  6. You can also check usage statistics of all appliances in the app at any time.
  7. One Picostone device can connect up to 4 appliances. You can install any number of Picostone products in your home.
  8. All Picostone devices in your home can be connected with a single app, meaning your entire home can be managed from the single device!


And as for the Pricing is concerned, unlike other Automation devices you don’t need to Nickle & Dime for purchasing this device, with a little disposable income,  you can buy it here for just Rs 9,999.

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